Composer, producer and DJ with Moroccan roots.

She is a true desert fighter having survived the dangers and mysteries of the deserts with her loyal friend, Chim Chim the chimp.

On her way to the much vaunted place called Berlin many villains and sand demons had to be fought, whereas with every victory

she has gained more and knowledge in the arts of electronic music, the holy arts of techno, tech house and bass music.


This oriental bass – techno merged artist has now arrived in Berlin – and she brought a unique style, the heat, a wild story and

the boom bass.



Nora Medín is a Moroccan – Austrian DJ, music producer, film composer and game sound designer based in Berlin.

Her DJ sets are a kinetic combination of dark, bass driven techno and percussive tech house, different genres formed to new energetic

compositions. Those who have witnessed her perform will experience not only the diversity in her track selection, but also her

ability to create new flair and colors in her mixes.

With the beginning of 2019 Nora Medín has founded and created Boombass Yalla, her new project with focus on oriental

bass music, afro arabic beats and hard drops, a mixture of musical and different national cultures.

As a teenager she discovered techno, dubstep, drum and bass and started producing, using softwares like Reason and Ableton Live.

When she moved to Vienna she gained her first stage experiences as a musician playing several instruments at jazz and hip hop jam

sessions and as a drummer in rock bands. By then she started producing hip hop in collaboration with various artists in Linz.

When she arrived in Berlin she discovered her DJ skills when playing around in the DJ department in Berlin’s biggest music store –

where she eventually was banned from after a few months because of practicing there intensively. But that didn’t matter, she had

her first gig as the main act at new years eve at one of the biggest venues in Linz, Austria. March 2018 her deep house remix ‘Bones’

from Austrian band ‘Avec’ was exclusively released by Noisey.

Nora’s influences and love for music have their sources within her family. As a daughter of a professional musician in the classical

and jazz genre and of a Moroccan lyricist she combines her musical and cultural roots to a new sound.

Beside her electronic music productions she worked on film, game and media projects as a composer, producer and with Ilias Walchshofer (short fil ‘Give’,

awarded at Valencia Film Festival 2016), Red Bull Music Studios Berlin, Hansa Studios Berlin and Q.Works.



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